Direct from the bonn climate conference

German Forestry

As a representative of the German Forestry and the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Climate Protection, Dr. Thorsten Mrosek explains us why it’s extremely important to protect and maintain our remaining forests and woodlands and their biodiversity.

Solution Zone TV Presents: Stephanie Lyons from Water Aid

Solution Zone TV Presents: Stephanie Lyons from Water Aid who is at the 23rd UN climate conference to speak to decision makers from government ministers and donors to civil society and business leaders.

Solution Zone Whole Show 23 09 2017

The whole show broadcast live from Ravenbourne College on Saturday23/09/2017

Electric Bus Solutions at Bonn Climate summit

Phoenix from Solution Zone TV shows one of the 3 electric buses at the climate summit

 Climate Vision

These gentlemen cycled to Bonn from Cornwall to bring an important message of 10 simple pledges that any person can do to help the environment.

Concerned local citizens

Concerned local citizens (and green party members) explaining ideas of solutions for a sustainable world!

 Climate Planet Project

Katrin Giebel (Engagement Global) is introducing the #ClimatePlanet project, a giant walk-in globe, with exhibitions and a 360° screen playing educational videos about the changing climate at Rheinaue park in Bonn.

zero-emissions train

This new train is CO2-emission-free and is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, stored in a hydrogen fuel tank on the roof of the train.

Elder wisom

Elder wisom that we all need to hear.

Youth Voices

Our young people are inspiring change.

Clean water warning

Not just a third world problem anymore

Get Connected

New wave protest is feeling the love

Plastic is no longer fantastic

Here is what you can do and what you need to know


Everyone loves a good dance. But could a boogie also be a source of energy? Netherlands-based Energy Floors has designed an energy generating dance floor…

Supporters gather to defend local ancient woodlands and a large portion of London’s water supply from the controversial HS2 train project as diggers move in…

latest pictures from the Bonn Climate Conference.

More ways than you can imagine! Catch up and change a few small things to make a big difference…

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Global Solutions

We need to protect forests from deforestation if we want to reduce emissions to the levels needed to protect the planet against the worst global warming impacts. 

Weekly news

Solution Zone TV (SZTV) crew have landed in Bonn The solutions theme that we helped pioneer at the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 have spread far and wide

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